Talent Philosophy

Empowering those with specialized skills to showcase their talents, and promoting the utilization of individuals who possess both virtue and exceptional abilities.


Providing a stage for individuals with specialized skills is the core principle of Xinglong New Materials' employment philosophy. The company aims to help those with professional expertise and advantages find their rightful positions, offering them a platform to showcase their talents and realize their full potential. Valuing individuals who possess both competence and integrity demonstrates Xinglong New Materials' commitment to its employment values. Those who excel in both capabilities and character will be entrusted with important responsibilities, nurturing them to become pillars of the company.

Employee Care

Zhuzhou Xinglong New Material Co., Ltd. complies with the "Labor Law of the People's Republic of China" and has signed labor contracts with each employee, establishing relevant management systems in accordance with national laws and regulations:

1.Employees are legally covered by the five social insurance and housing fund schemes.

2.Employees are entitled to various welfare benefits, including statutory holidays, birthday benefits, festival benefits, hot weather subsidies, regular health check-ups, performance bonuses, general bonuses, full attendance rewards, and year-end bonuses.

3.The factory premises include large and small canteens, providing accommodation for employees with meal and accommodation allowances. The staff activity center is equipped with facilities such as table tennis, billiards, gymnasium, yoga room, library, and game room.

4.Zhuzhou Xinglong New Material Co., Ltd. actively utilizes the role of the labor union, organizing various cultural and sports activities on a regular basis.

Employee Care